Collection: Diamond Palace Gray Bedroom Set

Introducing our exquisite collection of high-quality bedrooms, where luxury meets comfort in every detail. Crafted with precision and designed with elegance, our bedrooms redefine the concept of relaxation and style.

Indulge in the opulence of our premium materials, from sumptuous linens to rich, handcrafted woodwork. Each piece is meticulously selected to create a harmonious sanctuary that exudes sophistication and tranquility.

Bed, Dresser, Mirror, Nightstand, Chest Set



  • Eastern King Bed 102.75"W x 87.75"D x 65.75"H
  • Dresser 60.75"W x 19.75"D x 37.75"H
  • Mirror 43.25"W x 1.5"D x 37.75"H
  • Nightstand 26"W x 18"D x 27.5"H
  • Chest 40.25"W x 19.75"D x 48.75"H


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